Starting off my journey…..

I’d like to share about myself in the very first post of my blog. Quite a lot, I’m really excited to be writing. Well, speaking frankly, I’m not much of a social guy, I love being alone and reading stuff that keeps me going all the day. I always found coding fascinating and as a result of which I’ve hopped onto HackerRank and I’m currently doing an online course on EdX which is offered by Harvard University. The name of the course is CS50.

I’ve had a heck of a childhood. I’ve studied in more than six schools till I completed my 10. The reason behind is my father; he gets transfers uninterruptedly. Well, I’ve also got many friends as an aftermath of that.

Speaking about writing, I’ve always found it soothe me. I always like to prefer writing rather than speaking. My communication skills are literally grounded to be honest. Sometimes, I myself get flabbergasted reading the stuff that I once wrote. I always love to design new fonts and every book of mine has featured at least one.

And speaking about my drawing skills, I’ve been drawing since my 3rd grade and I’ve got a couple of books completely filled with my stuff. Here is a glance. Note the date above.

Well, that would’ve literally helped me If I had been into medicine. But, let’s keep that aside. I’m happy that I chose engineering because It gives you time to self-develop that you would never find at any of the colleges.

I’ve got a Facebook page on behalf of my college which no one actually knows who the admin is. I’ve also been on Quora and got quite a few answer views.

And speaking about it, I’m an editor on Wikipedia and I’ve been in a team which is organizing a club in my college which concentrates on editing stuff. I’ve also won a book prize from UNESCO.

And recently I’ve been selected for the Stanford University’s University Innovation Fellows Candidate [  Stanford UIF ] from my college and just a couple of days back I’ve given the interview along with my team. If everything goes well, I’ll get a 6 week training from the university and a annual meet at Silicon Valley. We get to attend various workshops at Google, Microsoft etc., It sounds cool, right?

I’ll surely put up a blog on that very soon.

Well, this post might be little dry but I’d surely make my presence count. I’ll make sure that I post some helpful topics over here.

Thanks for reading viewers!
Great day ahead!